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malice mizer hot wave interview (the interview where mana talks)

hello all!! here is the interview from Hot Wave where Mana talks in the beginning and is all angry looking about it!    the interview itself is on youtube and can be found here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gy48D8_IR9o


Malice Mizer Hotwave ‘96


Announcer: The members of Malice Mizer


Malice Mizer walks in


Announcer:  Yay!  The Members of Malice Mizer!  Wow, that’s amazing.  Everyone welcome to the show.  Can each of you please give us an introduction, going around the table?  Say your name and your part in the band.


Gackt:  I’m Gackt, the vocalist.


Mana: I’m Mana, on guitars.


Yu~ki: Yu~ki, on bass.


Kozi: I’m Kozi, on guitars.


Kami: I’m Kami, on drums and percussion.


Announcer: Wow, this is really amazing.  Do you always go out walking around wearing clothes like those, Kami?


Kami: Basically, what I wear normally isn’t that different from what I have on now…


Announcer: So, Kami does, but what about the rest of you?  How about you Gackt? Do you usually go out like that?


Gackt:  Yeah, pretty much…


Announcer: Oh, really?


Gackt:  Yes… I usually wander aimlessly…


Announcer: Ah, with these feathers attached…


Gackt: Yeah, this is nothing compared to usual.


Announcer: something I didn’t get…


Gackt: yeah, I guess…


Announcer: And next to you, Mana is the blue character. 


Mana: nods head*** head nodding in Japan is often like waving.  It’s seen as a short way of bowing, kinda like, a wave could be a short way of handshaking…

Announcer: Good afternoon, Mana.


Mana: Mana nods again.


Announcer: Yes, Mana. Hello.


Mana: Mana nods again.


Gackt: He doesn’t talk.


Announcer: He doesn’t talk?


Gackt: No. I’ll interpret for him.


Announcer: Oh, alright.  Mana, what country did you come from.


Mana: Whispers to Gackt.


Gackt: ::snicker:: He said France.


Announcer: (in French) Do you speak French?


Mana: Whispers to Gackt.


Gackt: He says “konnichiha” (Japanese for good afternoon)


Announcer: Ah, thank you.  Wow! Seeing you guys really made me nervous!  It looked like people from a castle had come. In any case, I would like to talk about your band profile for a moment. In August of 1992, guitarists Mana and Kozi founded the band. And then in 93, the drummer, Kami, joined the band.  In the end of 94, the previous vocalist, Tetsu left the band. Then last year, 1995, the current vocalist, Gackt joined, and Malice Mizer continued activities.  On that day, the live at Shibuya AX On Air West was sold out.** Then in that same month, they released their first single with Gackt, “Uruwashiki Kamen no Shoutaijou”.  This is a pretty amazing single. Gackt, where was the picture on the cover taken?


Gackt: In Mana’s garden.


Announcer: Ah, his garden. This garden, in France, at a castle.  Man, always going out in those clothes, you guys must really sweat a lot.  Anyway, here is the single. And how many songs are on it?


Gackt: There are 4. One song is a bonus present.


Announcer: Ah, I see.  So when you guys perform on stage, you are always dressed like this, and it feels very Malice Mizer.  I wanted to show a little clip, so…Yes, this live is from last year, at Osaka.  So the lives usually look like this, and the instruments are different than you would expect… like the accordion.  And they hold whips and what not.  I would love for a lot of people to go see their lives.  Shoxx 96 Shock Wave event will be happening in April. They will be performing in Osaka and Nagoya.


Gackt:  Next time will be great, and something secret will happen, so you should come.


Announcer: Ah, but it’s a secret… Well,  the next live will be on the 31st of March and Shibuya On Air West.  There will also be a performance in May.  That one is also kind of secret.


Gackt:  Yes. It will be somewhere in Tokyo, so please go search and try to find it.


Announcer: Ah. The next full album will be coming out on June 9, and it is called “Voyage”.  What type of feeling will it have?


Kami:  If you listen to it, it will be like taking a trip back to youth.


Kozi: When we were making it, we had a certain image in mind. But when you hear it, it you’ll understand better but, there are all sorts of things that we are doing in that album, so please listen well.


Announcer: And lastly, do you have any messages that you would like to tell your fans?  Let’s start with Gackt.


Gackt:  We want to bring you into a new world of Malice Mizer.  We would be very happy if your found that little world.


Announcer: Thank you so much for today.  After this will you go back home to your castle?


Gackt: We’re going to the one that’s closer.  It’s a bit smaller though.


Announcer:  Ah, well thank you for today!

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