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眠り薬 nemuri kusuri translations
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Tuesday, April 21st, 2009
Tuesday • [ 21.04.2009 ] • 1:53 pm
D-Snow white



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Thursday, January 1st, 2009
Thursday • [ 01.01.2009 ] • 12:00 am
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Thursday • [ 01.01.2009 ] • 12:00 am
Kozi Translations

Song Translations

Que Sera Sera

Website Updates

December 13, 2007

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Thursday • [ 01.01.2009 ] • 12:00 am
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Thursday • [ 01.01.2009 ] • 12:00 am
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Thursday • [ 01.01.2009 ] • 12:00 am
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Thursday, December 13th, 2007
Thursday • [ 13.12.2007 ] • 6:09 pm
quick return from haitus for this....(translation of www.kozi-info.com)
so, kozi finally updated his website a little (www.kozi-info.com)  It has been "updating" since early this summer, and  this took like 5 mins to translate, so i figured i'd post it.  still not enough time to do the other stuff, but here is at least a little something.

i still promise that i will be back in january with real stuff...

*kozi speaks in some non-standard japanese.  i think he's from niigata, so it's probably their dialect.

the first page is kozi's homepage (www.kozi-info.com) and reads:

"in the process of updating
please wait awhile
For information regarding Kozi, please send to this e-mail address.
(please replace the star with @ sign)
Kozi's fanclub has stopped activity with the fanclub trip in june.

to send a letter to kozi, please use this address
(please replace the star with an @ sign)"

the next link is the page called kozi-info2. if you click on the graphic it will take you there.

"sorry for not writing in so long... this is kozi. it's me, who is passing through an area of confusion about what to do next. Please wait for me.

...also, on the fast approaching christmas, there will be a session battle [of the bands, i think]、so if you can, please come and enjoy yourself!!"

then there is a link that says "プッチとな!” which basically means feeling good? it's hard to translate... that link takes you to the next page with all the christmas stuffs.

the top says "hard rock" and says that the event will take place on christmas at this place in Ikebukuro called Shutou. doors open at 6, and the event will start at 6:30. tickets are 1500 yen (about $15) or 1800 (about $18) at the door. also gives the number to Shutou so that you can call for information. the tiny yellow print at the bottom says "For reservations or information, click the link to go to Shutou's website."

the club is either called Shutou or chop.

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Tuesday, December 11th, 2007
Tuesday • [ 11.12.2007 ] • 9:12 pm
i'm sorry....
i have to go on a short hiatus.  i have 5 papers due in the next 2 weeks, so i don't think i'll be able to update until after that.  societe de parente is done, i just don't have time to type it up and post it until after the end of the semester....


also, i wanted to say thanks to abstractravenfan for giving me a bunch of old malice mizer stuff.  i'm really looking forward to translating them when i get back!!

be back in january!!

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Wednesday, November 21st, 2007
Wednesday • [ 21.11.2007 ] • 12:44 am
just letting you guys know
that i am almost done translating societe de parente... I just need to get some help on a few parts, and it should be up within the next few days...

sorry for the wait!!
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Tuesday, November 6th, 2007
Tuesday • [ 06.11.2007 ] • 2:25 am
malice mizer "break out" interview feb '97
here is a translation of the malice mizer "break out" interview in '97 about their new album, Voyage. as usual, there were a few parts that i missed.  for example, the lettering that they use to show what mana "says" was too unclear for me to read, but i will ask one of my friends for help and see if she can make it out.   the youtube video can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRQnP9sTaM8

i hope you enjoy it!! 

p.s. my fangirl moment: yu~ki laughing = awesome!  he has a really nice smile!! too bad we don't get to see it more!  on to the translation!!

Announcer: Finally, after some circumstances, I have arrived here. I've heard that on this very street In Harajuku are the members of Malice Mizer.  Where could they be??  Oh!  There they are!! text reads "there they are" There they are!! Let's go follow that camera flash.  Wow!! Do a close up for a second... Yes!! It's this group! Malice Mizer. Umm... Excuse me!!

Man voice: Will they be able to talk to Malice Mizer??

Cameraman: Can you move in closer a little bit?? Yeah, that's good.  Okay.  Yes.  Okay... Oh, yes?  What is it?

Announcer: Umm... Excuse me, but is it okay if...

Cameraman: Sure.

Announcer: Umm...Excuse me... I'm an interviewer... So what are you doing today?? turns microphone to mana. 

Mana: Stares at her.  Points at Gackt.

Gackt: We are swimming in the middle of winter.

Text reads: Swimming in the middle of winter???

Kami: Yes, we have to stay fit.

The camera focuses on Gackt.

Gackt: If you keep staring, ill...

text reads:  If you keep staring i'll....

:  If I keep staring?

Announcer: Let's do introductions, starting with Gackt.

Gackt: I'm Gackt.

Announcer: Next is...

Kami: Kami, on drums.

Announcer: Your hair is beautiful. (kami is also the Japanese word for hair. so she actually says "kami is beautiful")

Kami: Ah, just the hair is beautiful, just the hair.

Announcer: And the next person is...

Kozi: Kozi, on guitars.

Announcer: Ah, Kozi.  Your eyes are very big.  (This is a compliment.  In Japan, some people think that large eyes are pretty or cute.) Next is...

Yu~ki: Yu~ki on bass.

Announcer: Your voice is so soft! It's much different than your face.... And next to you is...

Mana: i can't read the font... sorry guys....

Announcer: Of course, Mana doesn't talk.  Well, Kami, you look like you talk so.... On the stage, the setting really looks like an opera.

Kami: It wasn't always like that in the past.  From the time that the new vocalist joined, we decided to do more elaborate things.

Announcer: Oh really?  So from when Gackt joined...

Kami: Yes, that's right.

Announcer: And the size of the stage setup.... How do you do it?? Isn't it expensive?

Kami: Well it is... If you get someone to do it.  But even now we make the set ourselves.  The count (referring to Yu~ki) buys materials and builds.

Announcer: You buy materials and made your own coffin?!

Yu~ki:  Yes, I've made one before.

Announcer: And you got in and closed it.... So for the designs... Does Kozi design most of the costumes?

Kozi:  Well, everyone picks their own favorite fabric design and color and style... It might look a bit disorganized, but that's how we do it...

Announcer: No, it really doesn't.... Mana still won't say a thing will he...

Mana: (sorry i can't read the text here either)

The end is just them talking about the Malice Mizer Voyage album and live, which btw, sold out in 8 MINUTES!!!! WTF?! she says thank you, and the interview ends.

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Tuesday • [ 06.11.2007 ] • 12:21 am
malice mizer hot wave interview (the interview where mana talks)
hello all!! here is the interview from Hot Wave where Mana talks in the beginning and is all angry looking about it!    the interview itself is on youtube and can be found here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gy48D8_IR9o


Malice Mizer Hotwave ‘96


Announcer: The members of Malice Mizer


Malice Mizer walks in


Announcer:  Yay!  The Members of Malice Mizer!  Wow, that’s amazing.  Everyone welcome to the show.  Can each of you please give us an introduction, going around the table?  Say your name and your part in the band.


Gackt:  I’m Gackt, the vocalist.


Mana: I’m Mana, on guitars.


Yu~ki: Yu~ki, on bass.


Kozi: I’m Kozi, on guitars.


Kami: I’m Kami, on drums and percussion.


Announcer: Wow, this is really amazing.  Do you always go out walking around wearing clothes like those, Kami?


Kami: Basically, what I wear normally isn’t that different from what I have on now…


Announcer: So, Kami does, but what about the rest of you?  How about you Gackt? Do you usually go out like that?


Gackt:  Yeah, pretty much…


Announcer: Oh, really?


Gackt:  Yes… I usually wander aimlessly…


Announcer: Ah, with these feathers attached…


Gackt: Yeah, this is nothing compared to usual.


Announcer: something I didn’t get…


Gackt: yeah, I guess…


Announcer: And next to you, Mana is the blue character. 


Mana: nods head*** head nodding in Japan is often like waving.  It’s seen as a short way of bowing, kinda like, a wave could be a short way of handshaking…

Announcer: Good afternoon, Mana.


Mana: Mana nods again.


Announcer: Yes, Mana. Hello.


Mana: Mana nods again.


Gackt: He doesn’t talk.


Announcer: He doesn’t talk?


Gackt: No. I’ll interpret for him.


Announcer: Oh, alright.  Mana, what country did you come from.


Mana: Whispers to Gackt.


Gackt: ::snicker:: He said France.


Announcer: (in French) Do you speak French?


Mana: Whispers to Gackt.


Gackt: He says “konnichiha” (Japanese for good afternoon)


Announcer: Ah, thank you.  Wow! Seeing you guys really made me nervous!  It looked like people from a castle had come. In any case, I would like to talk about your band profile for a moment. In August of 1992, guitarists Mana and Kozi founded the band. And then in 93, the drummer, Kami, joined the band.  In the end of 94, the previous vocalist, Tetsu left the band. Then last year, 1995, the current vocalist, Gackt joined, and Malice Mizer continued activities.  On that day, the live at Shibuya AX On Air West was sold out.** Then in that same month, they released their first single with Gackt, “Uruwashiki Kamen no Shoutaijou”.  This is a pretty amazing single. Gackt, where was the picture on the cover taken?


Gackt: In Mana’s garden.


Announcer: Ah, his garden. This garden, in France, at a castle.  Man, always going out in those clothes, you guys must really sweat a lot.  Anyway, here is the single. And how many songs are on it?


Gackt: There are 4. One song is a bonus present.


Announcer: Ah, I see.  So when you guys perform on stage, you are always dressed like this, and it feels very Malice Mizer.  I wanted to show a little clip, so…Yes, this live is from last year, at Osaka.  So the lives usually look like this, and the instruments are different than you would expect… like the accordion.  And they hold whips and what not.  I would love for a lot of people to go see their lives.  Shoxx 96 Shock Wave event will be happening in April. They will be performing in Osaka and Nagoya.


Gackt:  Next time will be great, and something secret will happen, so you should come.


Announcer: Ah, but it’s a secret… Well,  the next live will be on the 31st of March and Shibuya On Air West.  There will also be a performance in May.  That one is also kind of secret.


Gackt:  Yes. It will be somewhere in Tokyo, so please go search and try to find it.


Announcer: Ah. The next full album will be coming out on June 9, and it is called “Voyage”.  What type of feeling will it have?


Kami:  If you listen to it, it will be like taking a trip back to youth.


Kozi: When we were making it, we had a certain image in mind. But when you hear it, it you’ll understand better but, there are all sorts of things that we are doing in that album, so please listen well.


Announcer: And lastly, do you have any messages that you would like to tell your fans?  Let’s start with Gackt.


Gackt:  We want to bring you into a new world of Malice Mizer.  We would be very happy if your found that little world.


Announcer: Thank you so much for today.  After this will you go back home to your castle?


Gackt: We’re going to the one that’s closer.  It’s a bit smaller though.


Announcer:  Ah, well thank you for today!

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Monday, November 5th, 2007
Monday • [ 05.11.2007 ] • 3:31 am
kozi que sera sera lyrics and new layout!!!
yay!! an update finally!!! this is really to give you guys something to chew on till i get the 97 malice mizer interview done... but it's one of my favorite kozi songs.  lyrics taken from the CD jacket, so no links this time...

also, new layout!  thanks to izon_no_niwa from the kurage  community for that!!


kozi- que sera sera lyrics and arrangement: kozi

It's like one of those various moments
Just coming to one world
Anywhere and always alone

That beautiful thing echoes modestly in my docile heart
Repeatedly playing the trivial joys and sadness
Even though there are things I want to tell you,
I can't even say one word

It's like the sining of the stars
Only passing through but one dream
Of course, we who don't understand each other and share each other
will just wander till our hearts are satisfied
Que sera sera

In a twinkle in a space in a handful of time
Being unforgiving and being hurt
But even if I lose sight of the road, it's okay
Because I can't continue for much longer

So that I don't lose the thoughts that only I know,
Let's walk ahead without holding onto even one

Before long, this fog will probably clear
The brilliant morning will get here eventually
All of that love and grief will go away

It's like one of those various moments
Just coming to the world
Till our hearts are satisfied
We will just wanter
Que sera sera



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Friday, November 2nd, 2007
Friday • [ 02.11.2007 ] • 1:14 am
sorry bout the lack of updates
sorry guys for the dissapearance again... the past few weeks of school have been midterms, and i have also been sick.  but i am better now ^_^

i promise that i am working on both the malice mizer 97 shock wave interview where mana talks, and societe de pariente, and i have a few other things up my sleeve.  will try to have at least one of these things up over the weekend.

thanks for the patience!!!

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Monday, October 1st, 2007
Monday • [ 01.10.2007 ] • 12:25 am
D- taiyou wo okuru hi
this is my favorite D song.  and it was SO hard to translate, but it's an amazing song.  enjoy!

D- taiyou wo okuru hi

If you think about it,    like a miracle
To me too dazzling
At the end of the memories of oblivion
The lock of the door melted

Unnoticed, time began moving
Making me powerless
At the unavoidable end
The taciturn moon sings

Have I given it to you?
Something from me to you
Even though I no longer hear the answer
My heart is still asking you

And so please stay the way you are
If it is an unforgiving love
Gods, please punish my foolishness

Ah, you able to sleep to eternity, an irreplaceable person
Even with trying to connect our eternity, there will be no return to the days of being together

Ah, in my frozen arms I dedicate this last song to you
The acceptance of death probably signifies my extinction
Along with that, you, able to sleep to eternity, there will be no return to the days of being together

Stars in the shadow of the moon forget to glimmer
And the world will enter forever sinking deeply, deeply, into eternal darkness

"As I am alive.. I take delight,
not in the death of the wicked one,
but in that someone wicked turns back from
his way and actually keeps living."

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Saturday, September 22nd, 2007
Saturday • [ 22.09.2007 ] • 2:24 am
yoshiki interview (rough)
hello all!  sorry for the absence!! school has been ABSURD this year with the amount of work... so like i said... going through things  really really slowly....gomennasai!

anywhoogle, here is the translation for the yoshiki interview with shizuka kudo.  it can be found on youtube here: http://it.youtube.com/watch?v=qBrv3wzeRp0

there are some parts that i didn't really get, and i'm going to ask a friend of mine for help during the week, but i've got the vast majority of it done, and in parts that i didn't i gave a rough summary of what was being said.


S: So talking to my friends and other people who play drums, they say, “wow, you could die playing drums like that”. Also when I myself watch you play, I just thing “wow, this is amazing”.  And I’m wondering, do you ever, like get tired, or do your arms and chest start to hurt or things like that?


Y: Well… When I play, I don’t really think about things like that.  I sort of forget my body, and my mind becomes blank.  When I make eye contact with someone in the audience or on the stage, then I realize, “oh, I’m on the stage” but…


S: Ah.  But, man, do you move fast…


Y: Yeah, I guess so…and the concerts are long too…


S: I was surprised! Do you do any excercises for this?


Y: Well I used to in the past. I liked doing those sort of things.  But really, just playing the drums is the best.  For example, you play the drums and build the muscle that way.  Doing other excercises is actually not that good.


S: You mean the muscle necessary for playing drums?


Y: Yeah.  While playing drums it’s good to develop those muscles.  But If you life weights, you build a lot of other muscle, and it actually slows down your movement.


S: Oh wow, stuff like that happens?


Here yoshiki says something about fainting often, and when that happens having to play songs where he doesn’t exert himself too much.  I didn’t catch all of it.  Will ask a friend for help


S: You really move in a way that’s unbelievable.


Y: Well sometimes on the third day of touring, I feel like I’m at my limit and like I just can’t do it.  But then I get this feeling like I’m being made to do it, and somehow I’m doing it again.


S: Yeah, it could be because everyone in X has a really powerful stage presence.  Even during the slow songs there is still this feeling, and you are pulled into it. And I love the songs and the melodies.  Also, it’s really tense.  For me, and the other people who I talked to who went, when you’re standing near the stage, and there is the intense drumming, and what not, there is this feeling like a dragon is right there.  Like, I really felt that intense feeling.  It was really great.


K. I miss an big chunk here, but i think they are talking about an interview that yoshiki and hide read about shizuka and it says that she is learning painting and she talks about it.  yoshiki thinks that she is kind of like a guy in her way of thinking… will get this part checked.


Y: I don’t really know, but I like to got to museums and the like.  It’s not just that I like the pictures there, but I really like the atmosphere of the museums.


S: You can really relax there, can’t you?


Y: Yeah, and I like to go there a lot. And also I like oil paintings.


S: Do you do things like paint or draw or anything?


Y: No, I don’t.  i think he says something here about not being good at stuff like that.


S: So this is kind of a question I’ve been wanting to ask for awhile, but I was wondering… at home, do you practice drums?


Y: Well piano is the only thing that I can practice anywhere, like at home or hotels or wherever.  And since I was a kid, the piano was the only thing that I had near.


S: Why piano and drums?


Y: It’s a weird combination, isn’t it?  I also think it’s a little weird.  I played piano since I was really young. And I thought that I wanted to go to a music school for college.  I thought at the end of high school, my thoughts changed a little bit- I was thinking about rock bands.  And before I had thought, maybe in the future, I’ll be a piano teacher or play in an orchestra, but then I thought, maybe I should do something different.  I also knew how to play drums, I had learned some years before.  And so I got on stage and played, and everyone was wondering, “why haven’t I heard this before?”, and I started to love both.  And now I still love both.


S: And that’s how you became the person that plays piano and drums.  But really, at first I was very surprised.  I thought, why is this person a drummer, but playing the piano?


Y: Yeah, it is a little weird…


S: Weird, but also really amazing.


Y: I think maybe I like piano a little better.  Because when I play drums for a long time, I want to stop, or if I play it every day I get kind of tired of it.  But it’s great if I get to play the piano every day.  But you know, I’m still learning piano.  Like, I grew up playing classical piano, but I’m thinking maybe I should stop classical and learn something different with it.  But I heard that you are taking painting lessons.  How’s your teacher?


S: Well, he’s a person that helps me to understand things that I don’t know really fast.  I get to choose my own colors and things of that nature but, he helps with things and explains them in ways that make me go “oh, if it’s like that, I can do it! It’s not that bad!”


Y: Also, In the interview, you were talking about all the things you had to use in painting, how you can use anything to paint…


S: Yes, we use often use knives and things like that.


Y: Music is the really similar in that nature.  It doesn’t have to just be drums and guitar or whatever, you can use anything to color a song.  And everything is a sound, so really you can use anything.  Now in this album, I’m thinking about that, and thinking about what types of different things I can use to make a different sound.  So when I read what you said, I though, that’s cool.


S: Sorry, but I’ve got another question.  Are you guys thinking about going abroad?


Y: Well, I want to take the band abroad, and I was thinking, I wonder if we could go in the summer sometime…But in March we are touring Japan.


S: Well, I look forward to seeing you guys.  Please take care of yourselves!

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Friday, September 7th, 2007
Friday • [ 07.09.2007 ] • 9:38 pm
first week of school craziness
first week of school done.  not toooooooo much homework.  this means that there will be much time for translation i think. 

so this weekend expect the rest of those requested plastic tree songs, and then i'll start on the gackt and kozi stuff. and the plastic tree magazine interview.

however, please be patient with me. I am a student trying to finish up my last year of college and job hunt, and i'm pretty much doing this translation stuff for fun in my free time, so things may take awhile,especially now that school is back in session.  but, i will try my best to update regularly, at least once a week ^__^

anyway, i'm off to celebrate not dying during week one.  keep sending requests this way, and as always thanks for comments and reading ^___^

tata for now!!

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Wednesday, August 29th, 2007
Wednesday • [ 29.08.2007 ] • 12:21 am
plastic tree- mizuiro no girlfriend
another fairly straightforward and pretty plastic tree song.  here are the original lyrics.  http://music.yahoo.co.jp/shop/p/53/262385/Y019750

Plastic Tree- Mizuiro no Girlfriend (Water-colored girlfriend)
Lyrics and Composition: Arimura Ryutarou

Closed the flower that is the vinyl umbrella
The sky just right after the rain stopped falling
Is a magnificant sight
So I wish you were here to see it

The evening shower stops, the noise of a cicada
My fever begins to rise

A girlfriend the color of water
A girlfriend the color of rain
Always crying one painful tear
Glittering, for an instant sparkling
Flickering gently
I wish you could be here like that

Suddenly, a random statement- deep and thoughtful
It surprised me
Not because I was spacing out
This thing called the sickness of love really is true

Warm drops of water fall
That loud insect in your lies

A girlfriend the color of water
A girlfriend the color of rain
ALways crying one painful tear
A longing longing
A twilight longing
I wish that everything was the way that i thought it was

My fever is rising, my blood is thickening

A girlfriend the color of water
A girlfriend the color of rain
Always crying one painful tear
Glittering, for an instant sparkling
Flickering gently
I wish you could be here like that
A girlfriend the color of a rainbow
A girlfriend the color of dreams
Your smiling face crosses a rainbow and is out of my reach

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Tuesday, August 28th, 2007
Tuesday • [ 28.08.2007 ] • 6:39 pm
plastic tree- rocket
another one of my fave pura songs.  this one's pretty straight forward, so there is only one note.  that being: in the third verse, there is a line that says "the blood is full of body" (like a robust wine....), and that is the literal translation.  but interpret it as you will, because i think it's meant for that. ^_^

the japanese i took from this site, 'cause that's the only place i could find it... http://www.5ilog.com/cgi-bin/bbs/club/v.aspx/4251885.htm


Plastic Tree- Rocket      Lyrics: Arimura Ryutarou  Composition: Hasagawa Tadashi

I keep having the same dream every night
And again, I only slept for two hours
A bell in my heart rings
Sometimes I'll try going out.

I'm not holding a bible in my hands
So at the park, A prayer of hope to the sky
The clear sky that is too blue
And me, who is too far away

"Because of you and the warmth, the blood is full of body"
A screw loosens, and i really start wanting to cry

This is where sleep closes in, climbing the sky and wishes also float up
Until the light is buried, I'll keep gazing at it

The crows sitting silently on the electric lines, look like notes written on music paper
I, being puzzled by the meoldy, leave it be
And they, without making a sound fly away

If they were words, there would be so many stuck in my heart
But even the way I am now without making a sound, they will overflow someday

And climbing up till forever into this bluer-than-blue
I, out of breath, pass through and am surrounded

"Becuase of you and the warmth, the blood is full of body"
A screw loosens, and I really start  wanting to cry

This is where sleep closes in, climbing the sky and wishes also float up
While being buried in light, separating
"That's enough...umm.... can you still see me?"
Ah, being absorbed until the end of the universe
Before long, one day I'll dissapear

Awaking from the dream.  I went to a world that is now fading away.

I saw the sky.  And hope returns again.

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Tuesday • [ 28.08.2007 ] • 5:51 am
plastic tree- spica
first of all, this is one of my favorite plastic tree songs to date, which is saying a lot, 'cause i've been into them since wareta mado.  listening to this song, literally makes me cry. and the lyrics in japanese are so beautiful.  tried to do them justice in english... we'll see how that worked.

but here it is, spica.

*the song title, and subject of the song is a star in the constellation Virgo called spica, and it's supposedly one of the brightest stars in the constellation.  if you wanna know more about it, there are a couple of articles on wikipedia.
**again, ryutarou uses VERY few subjects, so I used I and we, and you.  but i'd suggest playing around with who those people are, as that is what ryutarou intended
***i used the word "nearby" in the last line of the refrain, because that's how i interpreted it.  the real word that he uses means "neighbor" so make of that what you will.
****the line with the equation...is not a literal translation, becuase the japanese use a totally different system to calculate percentages, but that's pretty much what those lines translate to in english.  if you wanna know more about that, i'd be happy to explain or to give a direct translation, so just let me know. ^_^

Plastic tree- Supica       Lyrics and Composition: Arimura Ryutarou

These two stars have the same name and

Maybe I heard of it from you

As if refusing to be night, there is so much brightness

In Tokyo, decorated in all different colors


I search the night sky

Hmm… I wonder which it is

Maybe none, maybe all, because I’m looking out at you


Ah, if we could hold our hands that were separated by light of the stars

If those stars, whose name I remembered, show a sign of the unreachable future

Then always, just the two of us, my nearby* friend, white Spica*


x percentage of love = what fraction…*

The answer: if it were a someone, it would be nice

Gazing at the moon, ascending a hill, wandering in the universe

I’ll sing, in a voice like a cat’s cry


I wonder how long there is

Until the night becomes day?

Don’t become a lie   don’t disappear


If I could connect with the light of the star whose name seems to be forgotten

If the star whose name I remembered would shine the future that I hid away

Then certainly, the two of us, my nearby friend, white Spica.


Ah, if could hold our hands that were separated by light of the stars

If those stars, whose name I remembered, show a sign of the unreachable future

If I could connect with the light of the star whose name seems to be forgotten

If the star whose name I remembered would shine the future that I hid away


Then forever, the two of us, my nearby friend, white Spica


I hear a soft and gentle voice

Sorrowful tears fall

In my longing heart

Still we can’t meet

Still I yearn to see you


What is seen from here is us so far away

Both the past and the future can be seen

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Tuesday • [ 28.08.2007 ] • 2:45 am
plastic tree- irogoto
here is irogoto. this song was really hard for me to translate, and it doesn;t make a whole lot of sense to me.  so i think i'll get help from my teacher when the school year starts and revisit it.  but here is what i have.  if you have any questions/comments/corrections for me, just leave a comment, and i'd be happy to respond ^_^

the lyrics were taken from this site: http://listen.jp/store/artword_1152787_25442.htm

*in this song, ryutarou uses no subjects in his sentences at all to keep who the song is about ambiguous.  because of the nature of the english language, i can't do that.  so where i say "we" he actually says "two people" which i took to be him, and this person he is presumably talking about in his song.  there are also places where i say "it" where you can interpret "it" to mean whatever you please. 

Plastic Tree- Irogoto lyrics and composition: arimura ryutarou

Kiss me kiss me

“You’re too far away”

Touching and touching

To close the tiny space between us

Entangling, entangling

“Fill up the empty me”

Just with that little but, just with that little bit

It* will become warm nectar


If we were a sweet fruit, we* would melt into one

Mixing and mixing and I can’t see anything anymore

The flower falls and I’m practically crying

Swinging, swinging, and now I can’t leave


Placing kisses placing kisses

Maybe this is what hurts

Wanting to know, wanting to know

The repeated breath of an insect

Don’t do things like obscure me

Stay beside me, stay beside me

Even if you don’t promise to


If we were a sweet fruit, we would only go bad

Gasping, gasping, I don’t need anything more

So many will be falling to these soaked flowers

Staining, staining, the colored heart


At that moment, it felt much like a prayer

I gave my whole self to you

Scattered brilliantly


If we were a sweet fruit, we* would melt into one

Mixing and mixing and I can’t see anything anymore

The flower falls and I’m practically crying

Swinging, swinging, and now I can’t leave

If this dream in which I can’t touch anyone continues

I would smile and smile and stay in this dream


Forever smiling smiling

Forever forever smiling smiling





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